NTA NEET 2020 3rd Mock Test Medical Student

NTA NEET 2020 3rd Mock Test Medical Student

NEET 2020 3rd Mock Test Medical Student

NTA NEET 2020 Every Medical Student for Need For Admission in MBBS or BDS and All Other Medical Facility that’s why  NEET 2020 Qualified is Need For Medical Course Admission in Indian Medical college or Abroad Medical Collage .Only One NEET  Exam for Take Admission in Medical College .

नीट  Exam 2020 Date

NEET 2020 Fixed Exam Date May 03, 2020 and Before Submit your Online  NEET  Form than You Can Sit the NEET 2020 . More Info Click Here


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Question 1. Antibodies are produced by


Question 2. Tyloses are


Question 3 Allosomes are the name of


Question 4. Maximum tactile receptors in mammals are located on


Question 5. Flax fibres belong to


Question 6. The study of trends in human population growth and the prefection of future development constitute a branch


Question 7. Which of the following mineral elements plays an important role in biological nitrogen?


Question 8. The first antibiotic was discovered by..


Question 9. AUG codes for


Question 10. Litmus is obtained from


Question 11. The main driving force for an ecosystem is


Question 12. ABO blood grouping in humans is an example of


Question 12. In an ecosystem


Question 13. An ovule which becomes curved so that the nucellus and embryo sac tie at right angles to the funicle is


Question 14. Renin is secreted by


Question 15. Haploid plants are preferred over diploids for mutation study because in haploids


Question 16. To initiate cell plasmolysis, the salt concentration must be


Question 17. Infection with which of the following increases your risk for HIV?


Question 18. Anthers are fused and filaments are free in


Question 19. Chromosome number in a flowering plant can be


Question 20. In eukaryotes, mRNA is synthesized with the aid of


Question 21. The structure present in cyanbacteria (BGA) helping in nitrogn fixation is


Question 22. During meiosis I, the number of chromosomes is


Question 23. Motor cells are found in


Question 24. Dwarf shoot of Pinus is


Question 25. Sudden inheritable genetic change is


Question 26. Which cells do not divide after birth?

Give the answer Bellow Box fire is hot or cold?

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