NEET 2020 Online Mock Test Medical Student

NEET 2020 Online Mock Test Medical Student

NEET  Online Mock Test Online 
NEET  Online Mock Test Online

NEET 2020 Every Medical Student for Need For Admission in MBBS or BDS and All Other Medical Facility that’s why NEET Qualified is Need For Medical Course Admission Indian Medical college or Abroad Medical Collage .

NEET 2020 Exam Date

NTA NEET Exam Fixed May 03 2020 and Before Submit your Online NTA NEET  Form than You Can Sit the NTA NEET  Exam . More Info Click Here


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Question 1. In a longitudinal section of root starting from the tip upward, the four zones occur in the following order


Question 2.The process used in conversion of private to acetyl CoA is


Question 3. Cytoplasmic inheritance is also called

Question 4. Regulations governing movement of diseased plant material are called
Question 5The living steady state has self regulatory mechanism which is
Question 6. In monocot embryo the radicle is produced by
Question 7. A red alga devoid of red colour is
Question 8. Androgenic haploids are used for
Question 9.  Centromere is part of
Question 10. Mutation is a change that is
Question 11 . Stethoscope was invented by
Question 12. Which element is markedly effect somatic embroyogenes ?
Question 13. Which of the following is not an insectivorous plant?
Question 14. Cristae occur in
Question 15. Which of the following is not found in Hydra?
Question 16. Smallest cell organelle is

Question 17. In confocal microscope, the specimen is illuminated by

Question 18. Simplest stele is
Question 19. Viscum is
Question 20. Goblet cells are
Question 21. Bacteria and fungi growing on dead decaying organisms are
Question 22. Marriage between colour blind man and normal woman shall result in
Question 23. Production of secondary metabolites requires the use of
Question 24. A fruit without seed is not possible in case of

Question 25. Which ion accumulate in the guard cells at the time of opening of stomata ?

Question Solve 10-1 ?

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