NEET Exam 2020 Test 2nd Medical Student

NEET Exam 2020 Online Mock Test Medical Student

NEET 2020
NEET 2020 Online Mock Test Online

NEET Exam 2020 Every Medical Student for Need For Admission in MBBS or BDS and All Other Medical Facility that’s why नीट 2020 Qualified is Need For Medical Course Admission Indian Medical college or Abroad Medical Collage .

नीट  Exam 2020 Date

NTA नीट 2020 Fixed May 03 2020 and Before Submit your Online NTA NEET  Form than You Can Sit the NTA NEET 2020 . More Info Click Here


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Question 1. Mycorrhiza promotes plant growth by


Question 2. Heterocrine gland connected with digestive system is


Question 3.Fi particles are present in


Question 4. In a cross between AABB x aabb, the ratio of F2 genotypes between AABB, AaBB, Aabb and aabb would be


Question 5. Grassland with scattered trees is called


Question 6. During emergency situations, the increase in heart rate, cardiac output, blood pressure and blood sugar level, is due to the action of hormone called


Question 7. The term water potential was coined by


Question 8. Common feature of Euglena, Amoeba, Trypanosoma and Entamoeba is


Question 9.The top of food chain is occupied by


Question 10. Agar-agar is produced by


Question 11.Monosporic 8 – nucleate female gametophyte/ embryo sac occurs in


Question 12. Insulin and glucagon are transported to target organ by


Question 13. Receptor organs for sense of hearing are located in


Question 14. Nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria are


Question 15. Laticiferous gland found in which plant part


Question 16.  In order to calculate map distance of genes on a chromosome one must know the


Question 17. In Ulothrix meiosis takes place in


Question 18. In oogamy fertilization involves


Question 19. Women who consumed the drug thalidomide for relief from vomiting during early months of pregnancy gave birth to children with


Question 20. Which one of the following has compound umbel?


Question 21. The main nitrogenous waste of Hydra is


Question 22. Fruit drop is prevented by spraying


Question 23. Middle lamella represents


Question 24. Which cell organelle is absent in human sperm?


Question 25. Embryo sac occurs in

Question Solve 2+2 ?

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